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Hello Hello! I'm Marisabel, aka Isabel. I am the owner and photographer behind the lens at Foto Isabel Photo Boutique. I was told all the cool kids are blogging nowadays so here we are. Writing is not my forte however I suppose I could begin by telling you a little bit about myself. Photography has always been a HUGE passion of mine, ever since I could pick up a camera. My Grandfather and Mother were both photographers, so even as a young child I always loved playing with their old cameras. In highschool I took every photography related class that was available to me, and later took a film photography class in college. I was born in Zacatecas, Mexico (Si! Hablo español!) but raised in the beautiful state of Alaska. Living in such a gorgeous state I can't help but want to be outside shooting as much as possible. My dream was always to open my own studio and in March of this year that's just what I did! Foto Isabel Photo Boutique was born! I got the name of my business from my Mom's old photography studio in Mexico that was named "Foto Isabel" The Photo Boutique part I added in later when I opened my first physical location. Why Photo Boutique and not simply Studio? I specialize in not only capturing beautiful memories, but also turning them into beautiful wall art, canvases and high quality heirloom albums for you to display in your home! I consider my shop a Boutique of Photography!! I absolutely LOVE love and will probably cry during your wedding, or get baby fever from snuggling your newborn but those are the things that make me LOVE what I do!

Allow me to capture those special moments for you to look back on for decades later. Let me bring your photography visions to life!!

Hasta Luego


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